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Avert Neurological Disorders With Age

avoid neurological disorder with age

Aging is a natural process that every living individual has to undergo in his/ her lifetime. Aging or becoming old is an unavoidable event and an essential part of what is commonly called as the cycle of life.

It is no mystery however that aging brings along with it a countless number of disorders some of these may actually be life threatening and others just an underlying condition giving way to other serious medical conditions.

As known and discussed, aging is inevitable and no one can prevent that but nonetheless, the other medical conditions that may be fatal or just painful can easily be escaped.

Although there is a cure to most of the medical conditions, a neurological condition is the one that sticks and attacks a person usually in their old age.

These neurological disorders can pose a threat by not being fatal directly but being challenging to the person suffering as well as the family of the person suffering. Let’s understand how one can Avoid Neurological Disorders With Age.

Common neurological disorders

Neurological disorders account for around 18 percent of the global deaths in the elderly population. Dementia is a type of unspecified neurological disorders that group similar mental obstructions like memory loss, impaired thinking ability, speech and writing, etc.

Dementia is the most common cause for deaths in elderly people. Another disease called the Parkinson’s disorder is a disease where, severe nerve cell damage is seen in the central nervous system of the brain causing tremors, memory loss, etc. Like symptoms.

Alzheimer’s disease is another impairment disease wherein, the brain nerve cells tend to loose communication with one another therefore causing trouble in relaying messages appropriately.

Seizures, tremors and strokes are other neurological disorders that may either present as a disorder / condition or a symptom of some other grave neurological disorders.

These are usually life threatening and chances of survival following an attack in either of these cases is extremely minimal. Even if a person may survive such attacks, permanent neurological deficits are often observed.

How to escape from neurological conditions

Talking about Neurological Disorders With Age it’s obvious to Eat healthy right from the start. However imbecile it may sound, researchers have seen a pattern of healthy aging consequent with healthy eating. Eating nutritious and plentiful helps the brain remain healthy and relay the right messages and signals.

Never have an idol mind. Not having an idol mind does not mean worry about things that may be trivial but play puzzles and crosswords like word games that help the mind to keep thinking, this not only keeps the mind busy and active but also forces the mind to think more and better. Keep running through good and happy memories force your mind to remember.

Exercise the body along with the brain. Go on regular walks. Not too much strain is necessary, or even good for the body but regular morning or evening walks are enough exercise.

Getting the fresh air also helps in feeling a lot better and uplifting the mood. Do your chores responsibly, do not call for unnecessary help do as much as you can.

Do not worry unnecessarily. Stress as less as possible, keep a positive mindset. Yoga and meditative exercises help with mind relaxation and rejuvenated thinking.

Keep reading. Expanding your knowledge, vocabulary enhances the speech and reading areas of your brain this helping in keeping the neural connections intact and providing well coordinated messages.

Call for help as and when needed. Incase of any trouble or uneasiness, call for assistance right away. Be aware, alert and conscious of your body and it’s happenings. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention and describe your symptoms appropriately.

Get regular health checkups. As a person starts aging, health may start to deteriorate simultaneously as well. If so, the conditions are better caught early on that at a progressed stage. This will give the person better chance to fight the disease / condition and be healthier avoiding further problems.

Healthy, blissful aging is a choice to be made that is up to the person aging. Though inescapable, aging can be easy and painless as well. Not only neurological disorders but a number of health related medical disorders can be avoided as well.

Some conditions may not have a permanent cure or may not even be avoidable but by making just a few healthy choices, aging can be made so much more enjoyable and easy both for the person aging as well as the family of the aging person.

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