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Meditating with a baby in the womb

pregnancy and mental health

We often hear people say that women during pregnancies are really moody and laugh it off. But is it really funny? What can a to-be-mother do to be in more control of her emotional and mental state?

While gestating, a woman undergoes multiple physical transformations over a short period of time. One day she might feel light the next day she might feel bloated

All this is a direct result of the immense hormonal changes occurring inside her body while she prepares to give life. And with great hormonal changes, comes great mood swings. Well, the temperament changes can be controlled by meditating.

Pregnancy and Mental Health

Meditating during pregnancy works the same way when you are not pregnant. It aids in reducing anxiety, lowering your blood pressure, relaxing your mind and increasing your focus.

Meditation, however, is not a tool to simply have better control over your mind. It serves benefits to the body by easing the muscles and improves circulation throughout the body.

This, is vital for pregnant women as it can be a severe pain deterrent during labor. So, we know what are the benefits of meditation both physically and mentally. But what techniques should one practice during pregnancy.

Many forms of meditation exist but the key to mastering any is consistency.

Below are a few common meditation styles:

  • Mindfulness meditation: A form where one focuses on the present physical and mental sensations without being affected by it.
  • Transcendental meditation: A very common way of meditation where one repeatedly chants a mantra over a period of time.
  • Walking meditation: Here one walks mindfully for a certain amount of time while focusing their breathing on their steps.
  • Progressive body scanning: An advanced form of meditation where one focuses on various parts of their body, tensing it and relaxing it.

One can even enhance their meditation regime by adding yoga and few breathing exercises to it.

Not to mention, a doctor should be consulted before practicing yoga.

Hence by practicing meditation during pregnancy, you are gifting yourself better self-control and a routine for a healthier life postpartum.



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