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Stress-Busting tips for the Corporates

Stress-Busting tips for the Corporates
Easy Stress-Busting tips for the Corporates

In the prescient words of Einstein ,“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.” This is the shoutout every business person, entrepreneur and corporate needs to heed. With the rapidly changing world , the workspace is becoming more demanding than what it used to be a decade ago.

According to the Seventh Annual Labor Day Survey of 2014 , 80% of workers feel stress on the job, almost half said they need help in learning how to manage stress. In the ensuing analysis , we discuss the most effective techniques to deal with stress for the people in the corporate world.

Major Stress-Busting tips for the Corporates

Do Away With Coffee

Caffeine has been alluded to as the worst enemy of sleep. The Global Assessment of Recent Stress (GARS) states that caffeine overdose can cause many adverse serious effects on health. Say no to Coffee and switch to herbal tea for a change. (A Must Read: 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sleep)

Promote Group Walk

It is always a good idea to encourage your employees to go for a short group walks during lunch. It can reduce the stress levels massively and ensures an open mindedness.

Positive Message Board

Writing positive messages each day on a common whiteboard can usher a positive feeling among everyone. You can also enthuse your employees under a weekly honours chart for a good performance they did.

Intermittent Yoga Sessions

Yoga is holistic healthcare. It alleviates stress and brings mindfulness. Scheduling a Friday Yoga session with an instructor in the office space can greatly help in calming the frayed nerves. When it comes to Stress-Busting tips for the Corporates we recommend you to devote time yoga on a daily basis, start from 5-10 mins, do not break the continuity and you will surely feel the difference.

Office atmosphere needs to be light and welcoming to ensure the workers perform to their optimum. Managing stress is the key and leaders play an important role in this. The above recommendations can be vital in achieving this.

Hope this article “Stress-Busting tips for the Corporates” helps you manage your day to day stressful life.



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