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5 Home Based Ayurveda Remedies To Cure Cold, Flu & Cough

Ayurveda Remedies
5 Ayurveda Remedies To Defeat Colds , Flu & Cough

Mark Hyman had said ,“We know that food is a medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet with the power to cause or cure most disease.” He’s spot on with his assessment and for good reason. We have always talked about sickness and its treatment with the prism of Allopathy as it is the first thing that comes to mind.

You’re not at fault as a majority of the respondents to a 2020 survey published in the International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences have agreed to give preference to the allopathic medicines due to hectic lifestyle and easy availability of allopathy medicine. There is a world beyond allopathy and in the following blog we will discuss 5 Home Based Ayurveda Remedies to combat Common Cold , Flu and Sore Throat , as a side cure that will soothe nerves and alleviate the situation before it goes out of hands . So let’s begin !

We believe these Common Home Based Ayurveda Remedies Will Surely Help You Heal


Also known as Adrak , Ada , Adu , Shunti , Inch and a host of other monikers in different regions is a time tested remedy for Colds as it contains an active ingredient Gingerol which is an anti-bacterial , analgesic and sedative properties. It is not only added in delicious curries but has also been used for centuries as a medicine. To quote an Ayurveda practitioner , Dr. Vasant Lad , a ginger-cardamom tea is an effective way to keep infections away.

Instant Relief


Take two parts ginger with three parts cinnamon and a tinge of cardamom.
Mix a teaspoon of this mixture in a cup of hot water and let it cool.
Add Honey as per taste and mix well. Sip this concoction for relief.
Try this solution and feel the change.


It is known as Ghrta in Sanskrit is a clarified butter used extensively in Ayurveda. It is used to treat energy deficiency , eyesight problems and strengthens immunity. The renowned text Sushruta Samhita has sung rich praises for this elixir , claiming that it benefits the whole human body and should be prescribed for all problems having the genesis in the pitta dosha , inflammations. It has the inherent properties to keep the body warm and is consumed especially in the winters. Always a good idea to include this into your regular diet in moderation.

Nyasa technique

GHEE (clarified butter) Technique

As per Nyasa technique , putting a few drops of warm , pure cow’s ghee into the nostrils , under the guidance of an Ayurveda practitioner can help relieve in a variety of upper and lower respiratory problems.


Turmeric is known as Haldi , Halud ,Haldhar and Manjal in addition to different other names in India. It is a highly acclaimed spice that can cure a variety of diseases like rheumatoid arthritis , uveitis, skin cancer , urinary tract infections to liver ailments , according to a 1988 study published in the Indian Journal Physiol Pharmacol. There is an improvement witnessed in numerous surveys by respondents saying they had drastic relief.

Spice that cures


Adding half a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of hot milk and sipping it can give huge relief in colds and cough.


This is the most potent among Home Based Ayurveda Remedies , bearing a biological name Ocimum Sanctum , and considered sacred across India. It has 4 varieties Krishna or Shyama Tulsi ,Rama Tulsi ,Vana Tulsi and Kapoor Tulsi. Having the matchless ability to cure common cold and cough , it can treat a range of sicknesses like stress , mouth ulcers and sinusitis besides having anti-bacterial , anti-inflammatory ,carminative and digestive benefits.

Most potent remedy in Ayurveda


Take a little ginger juice add some Tulsi leaves and some honey for taste. Consume this mixture immediately for long lasting relief from colds and cough.

Black Pepper

It is also known as Kali Mirch , Kalamari , Kare Menasu , Kurumulaku besides an array of different regional pronunciations in India. It is considered a powerhouse remedy in itself capable of curing respiratory disorders , skin issues , reversing depression among a list of important other properties.

powerhouse remedy


Taking a pinch of Black pepper powder after grounding with some Tulsi leaves and Honey can give effective relief in colds and cough.
It is also added in herbal tea concoctions as well as in curries.

The above discussed Home Based Ayurveda Remedies can massively help those who are down with cold and cough in a season of pandemic fear raging across the world. To conclude in the Ayurvedic wisdom ,’When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.’

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