It is rightly said that “Time and money are the two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.” In today’s world, people are moving faster than time but they often forget about their health in midway.

Mankind is achieving great success in every field whether it be financing, medical, space, or technology but with success come the bad lifestyle choices which ultimately lead to bad health. We many a time have heard elder people saying that lifestyle isn’t the same now or people were comparatively healthier back then!

The major difference between older times and now is that the eating habits or food choices that people make.  Back then food was much wholesome and nutritious but in the present time and with we being busy all day find it more convenient to consume ready-to-eat packages or instant packages rather than going through the process of buying the raw ingredients and cooking them.

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Taking good care of your immunity and increasing your immunity is more essential than ever in present times. A healthy immune system will protect you by first creating a barrier that will prevent any antigen to enter your body and in case if one enters our immune system will be released white blood cells which will attack and destroy these antigens. 

While immunity building food like broccoli and oranges is certainly essential, but it is more important to avoid food that can cause damage to your immunity. Below are the foods which you should avoid as they might be weakening your immunity rather than providing any benefit. They might be increasing your probability of getting ill in the near future.


The prime culprit responsible for suppressing our immunity is white bread. It is highly processed and consists of lots of additives. It is low in nutrition and high in calories and can contribute to weight gain and obesity or insulin resistance.

The packaged white bread that we buy from the market usually consists of a lot of sugar and preservatives to increase its shelf life. These preservatives like nitrates and nitrites, can mix with the gastric acids and thus, forming cancer-causing agents to have the ability to transfer normal cells into carcinogenic cells.

Using whole wheat bread or multigrain bread can be a good alternative for refined-flour bread as they are gluten-free and do not spike the blood insulin sugar level.



Fruit juices in tetra packs can be the reason behind your bad health and weight gain without you consciously knowing it. Packaged fruit juices densely packed with sugar and artificial flavors and colors that are not good for your immunity.  they are high in calories and can cause inappropriate weight gain. They are generally low in fiber leading to a sudden rise in our insulin level and then suddenly crash. They also contain tons of preservatives which are added to increase their shelf life.

A healthy alternative to these packaged juices can be fresh fruit juices which we can make at home easily. Freshly made juices are free from any kind of preservatives and added sugar and will provide you with immense health benefits. Also, a fact that you should consider is that eating whole fruits rather than drinking fruit juices is more beneficial as they are rich in fiber and aid digestion.


It is not unknown that candy is not necessarily healthy for you but in fact, it is the worst for your immune system. Candy is a form of only refined sugar, artificial colors, and preservatives. Having high-sugar calories will immediately spike your blood sugar level causing the release of dopamine hormone in your body and you will experience a sugar rush. But as soon as the impact of sugar will get over your blood sugar level will immediately drop giving you the craving of having more sugar. As a result, you will be trapped in a sugar craving loop and end up consuming sugar even more.

 Alternatives to candy can be having sweets and cakes made up of unrefined sugar like brown sugar, coconut sugar, almond sugar, etc. They will not spike your insulin levels and will also provide you with healthy fats and various micronutrients. Fruits can also be the best option to have when you are craving sweets.

Food that can ruin your health


Carbonated drinks are mainly made up of water, carbon dioxide, flavors, and acids. Consuming carbonated drinks can cause your stomach to stretch from the accumulation of carbon dioxide which may cause repeated bleaching. Moreover, as you belch the food and stomach acid may come up to your food pipe causing heartburn and a sour taste in your mouth.

Alternatives to carbonated drinks can be freely made lemonade and mojitos or shakes that will not only satisfy your craving but will also provide good hydration to your body.


It major misconception that is continuing among people is that refined oils good for using as cooking oils as they are a “healthier” option. Oils like soybean oil, sunflower oil, and corn oil are high in inflammatory omega 3 making your immunity weaken. They are known to increase bad cholesterol (LSD), insulin and triglyceride levels, and reduces good cholesterol levels. trans fats from refined oils also trigger diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and immune dysfunction.

Natural less processed oils like desi ghee, virgin coconut oil, mustard oil, and olive oils are beneficial to use rather than refined oils.


You should avoid these foods and try to add their healthy alternatives to your diet as they will not only boost your immunity but will also provide lifetime health benefits.


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