Home FOOD Delicacies galore on Muneeba’s Cooking Syndrome!

Delicacies galore on Muneeba’s Cooking Syndrome!


Delicacies galore on Muneeba’s Cooking Syndrome!

It is quite easy to develop a passion, but what follows is a tedious task of investing your time and energy to master the art.

Similarly, cooking is an art that doesn’t come with a set benchmark that guarantees you success or recognition on any platform.

The tryst of Muneeba Mushtaq, the face behind ‘Cooking Syndrome‘, a budding cookery channel on YouTube has been no different.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree from the University of Kashmir, she had a number of career options to choose from, but cooking was something that came naturally to her.

Muneeba's Cooking Syndrome

Although Muneeba did try her hand at working with many leading firms across her hometown and current residence New Delhi, but her ‘Cooking Syndrome’ always kept interrupting.

She finally decided to leave a lucrative job at Apollo Hospital and launched her own cooking channel.

Muneeba's Cooking Syndrome

Named after her never-ending love for cooking, Muneeba’s ‘Cooking Syndrome’ is not just a YouTube channel for her, but a tool to explore her ability when she steps into the kitchen.

She doesn’t believe in staying rooted to a particular theme or culture while thinking about new ideas of presenting the most sought-after recipes in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Muneeba's Cooking Syndrome

The USP of her cooking skills is sustainable innovation. The results are not always perfect, but “that’s what cooking is all about,” she often says when her siblings crack a joke on an experiment gone wrong.

Muneeba's Cooking Syndrome

Cooking Syndrome may be in its nascent stage at this juncture, but Muneeba is upbeat about its success and banks on organic traffic, rather than promoting the 6-month-old channel and becoming a brand overnight. She posts videos of Kashmiri cuisine, Indian and Pakistani food, while also uploading Turkish and Italian recipes.

Muneeba's Cooking Syndrome

Besides the youtube channel, Cooking Syndrome’s Instagram page also has a decent fanbase, considering the age and investment. For Muneeba though, it is just a start and she hopes that all the food lovers out there will like her unique style and share her videos across the platforms.

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