Home NEWS A sigh of relief for bronchial asthma patients

A sigh of relief for bronchial asthma patients

asthma patients are less likely to contract coronavirus

The ongoing global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has everyone panic stricken and alarmed. COVID- 19 had people from all round the globe terrified and but the people already with underlying medical conditions especially the ones with respiratory distress were at the top of this list. During the initial stages of the pandemic, it had been said that people falling in this category of respiratory disease were at higher susceptibility towards contraction of this appalling virus.

However, recent studies conducted by a group of scientists and medical professionals has concluded that patients suffering from bronchial asthma were less likely to contract corona virus as compared to the population with healthy lung capacity. The studies were conducted in the United States and the results when analyzed showed that on testing, a greater part of the asthmatic patients population belonged to the COVID -19 negative category as against the COVID – 19 positive group.

About the study

On the 24th of November 2020, this study was published in the journal of allergy and clinical immunology. The aim of the study was to observe the susceptibility of the patients with bronchial asthma to contract the virus. The subjects of the study were tested between February 2020 to June 2020. There were around 37,500 patients and only 2,266 of them were seen to be positive i.e. only around 6% of the total group. The studies also concluded with another statement saying the patients with pre existing asthmatic conditions were less likely (70% less chances of passing due to the virus)  to die from the virus as compared to the people with no such conditions.

Although studies are yet to be conducted to know the exact reason for this condition, some scientists believe it is due to the body’s natural conduct towards respiratory distress while some others believe that the patients with pre existing asthmatic conditions were more careful with precautions as they were aware that the coronavirus attacks the lungs and bronchial areas and that they might be more prone to contracting the virus.

A sigh of relief for bronchial asthma patients


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