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How will the coming festive season affect COVID 19 cases?

COVID 19 and end of year festivities

It’ s finally the end of what most will call as a dreaded year. As the year end draws near, Christmas, one of the main festivals celebrated by Christians around the globe also arrives. Following which only a few days later, everyone celebrates the end of the year and the beginning of a new one. However, scientists and data analysts fear that if Christmas and new year’ s are celebrated as always, there might be a high possibility of a second wave of the dreadful Coronavirus in the new years as well.

As the Christmas festivities are around the corner, both the prime minister of India Narendra Modi as well as the health minister of the country Dr. Harsh Vardhan warned the residents to be more vigilant and careful while celebrating these festivals. They mentioned to ensure that residents of the country are not compromising with the health and taking all the safety measures required.

How to avoid the flare up of cases?

A few ways this can be achieved is by not holding large gatherings. Bigger the crowds higher the risk of contraction of the disease. Hence large family gatherings must be avoided and people must be social with the use of technologies.

Avoid flocking of markets. Although it time to get festive prepare houses by cleaning and decorating them or even by buying new clothes to enjoy the festivity, keeping these at bay at least until the risk of the virus is minimized would help not only themselves but also the society as a whole.

Avoid hugging in parties. If at all a person plans on holding a small gathering, make sure to maintain physical distance as this would greatly reduce risk of transmission of the virus. The party if held must be held outdoors in an open space with smaller number of people. Cars are a safer option for travelling amidst the pandemic.

Winding up…

Consequently, it is safest to not hold any kind of social gatherings. However, if keeping a gathering is very imperative, the mentioned measures must be taken into account. And if a person feels sick even the slightest, he/ she must avoid any kind of physical contact and must remain at home until they feel well again.

How will the coming festive season affect COVID 19 cases?



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