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Canada to receive doses of the new Pfizer vaccine

Pfizer vaccine lands in Canada

With the festivities drawing near, the health ministry of health in Canada is afraid of a second wave of the virus which as estimated, might cause a spike in cases. The authorities reporting mentioned that according to the analysts, and the data scientist around 12,000 new cases may be observed by the end of the year. Hence the prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau reported that the people would start being vaccinated as soon as Monday December 14, 2020.

As reported by the authorities, the newly approved drug by Pfizer and BioNTech of Germany have arrived at the Canadian land on Sunday. The cargo was transported in a flight from Brazil where they were produced making their first stop at Germany and then following the united states and finally to Canada where they were split and sent to various parts of the country.

who would be prioritized for vaccinations?

The most vulnerable group including the old in care facilities and the workers battling against the virus are said to be vaccinated prior to the others. Canada and the states are the first countries where the drug is being administered apart from the European nations. The goal here is to minimize community transmission and reduce the impact of the pandemic. Around 249,000 doses are expected to be manufactured and sent out by the end of the annum 2020.

Crossing swords with the virus

The prime minister of Canada made a statement saying, “our fight against the virus is not yet over”. He also claimed to fight the virus until the last every last person in the country is no longer prone to the risk of being infected. The virus has claimed a large number of lives especially in the united states and every measure will be taken to prevent any further damage to human life and human welfare. Following this bridge to recovery, Canada is also expected to approve a second drug dose of Moderna Inc. fairly soon.

Supriya Sharma, the senior medical advisor on health Canada also spoke of the side effects and allergic reactions caused by the vaccine. No one with allergy to vaccines or any components of the vaccine would be allowed to be vaccinated. The authorities also reported that by the end of March 2021, around 6 million doses of both the vaccine will have been received by the country.

Canada to receive doses of the new Pfizer vaccine


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