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Does a severe infection by coronavirus leave permanent deficits?

fungal infection caused after COVID

The ongoing pandemic caused due to the coronavirus is not as yet completely understood by scientists, doctors and researchers. Studies have yet to be carried out to understanding the harm it causes to the body. Knowledge of these deficits being permanent or temporary are yet to be resolved as well. Researchers and doctors however have thrown light on the fact that infection by the corona virus may either be asymptomatic or a mild infection or extremely severe with major symptoms and may at times even be life threatening.

As the course of the pandemic advanced, a number of deficits after initial infection have been observed. Most of these included clots formation in the liver, urinary bladder, etc. some even observed permanent damage to the respiratory tract and lungs. A new symptomatic deficit recently dawned when 13 patients entered the hospital with a diagnosis of Mucormycosis.

About Mucormycosis

Mucormycosis is a rare and dreadful fungal infection. This infection can cost a person his/ her eyesight. In a couple of cases damages the bones in the jaws and cheeks. This lead to extraction of the destroyed bones to prevent it from spreading further. Mucormycosis, similar to corona virus affects people mostly with a compromised immune system. This mostly includes people with a history of underlying diseases, consumption of certain drugs, chemotherapy, etc. Consequently, once infected by the coronavirus, the immune system of the host becomes severely compromised thus making them increasingly susceptible to the disease.

Various ENT (eyes nose throat) surgeons have confirmed the diagnosis of mucormycosis and the fact of it falling in line with exposure to severe COVID conditions. 13 cases of mucormycosis is seen to have been reported in the past 15 days. Accordingly, a pattern has been observed as 50% of the total patients that fell a prey to the black fungus were previously and very recently infected by the coronavirus.

Initial symptoms caused by the fungus

Mucormycosis, commonly referred to as the black fungus. This has caused death in a large number of transplant patients in the recent past. The initial symptoms noticed were nose block and a slight cold. However, they believed it was the after effect of COVID and hence dismissed it immediately.

Following this, Doctors and health ministers urge any recently infected patients who experiences similar symptoms, to be checked immediately to avoid any further complications.

Does a severe infection by coronavirus leave permanent deficits?



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