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Gennova Pharmaceuticals permitted for COVID-19 trials



US confirms Moderna candidate safe for use. 

On Tuesday- Dr. VK Paul, a NITI Aayog member, noted that the DCCG- Drugs Controller General of India- has newly granted phase-I and phase-II trials for the vaccine candidate of Pune- settled Gennova Pharmaceuticals Limited

The Gennova’s vaccine candidate, is called as HGCO19, is based on the technology – mRNA. 

On Tuesday, USFDA– The United States Food and Drug Administration- stance its preparatory analysis established the safety and efficacy of Moderna’s vaccine candidate. 

The authority’s declaration came a day after the vaccination phases of the Pfizer candidate was initiated across the nation.

Oman is added to the catalog of countries to permit the use of Pfizer’s vaccine candidate, reported by the state-run agency. This vaccine is approved for ages above 16 years. The line is big! Oman holds hand with Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in permitting the use of Pfizer candidate’s vaccine routes.

On the other hand, Indonesia plans to vaccinate its third millennial generation before its white and grey citizens. The nation is vaccinating ages from 18 to 59 years and foremost are the ones’ working in healthline units.

Gennova Pharmaceuticals permitted for COVID-19 trials


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