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At least One Fifth of World’s Population Might Not Even Get COVID-19 Vaccine Until 2022


With hopes set on rolling out immunisation programs, including vaccines that can bring an end to this horrendous globally spread pandemic. To one’s surprise, still at least a fifth of the globe’s population might not have access to COVID-19 vaccination until the year of 2022. 

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Why such a delay?

According to a publication on Wednesday, the sole reason behind this is that- wealthier nations have already reserved more than half of next year’s possibly potential vaccine doses. In order to increase their chances, bushy-tailed wealthy nations have busted up parceling out several diversified vaccines. 

The Researchers’ Perspective-

Aptly said by researchers of John Hopkins [Bloomberg School of Public Health] that- the moneyed nations count at least 14% of the world’s population, and they have already set hands on over half of the vaccine doses that will be advanced by 13 leading developers in the upcoming year of 2021. 

The Related Fears- 

On one’s beam-ends’ nations will be cut off behind.

Even if, the drug makers put all hands on deck and fabricate effectively, safe vaccines, meeting their global targets; the published study noted, “still at least a fifth of the world’s population would not have access to vaccines until 2022”.

A BMJ Research’s Area of Concern-

A research- published by the BMJ medical journal– stuck eyes on all the available data and concluded that mid-November, reservations totalled 7.48 billion doses, mathematically co-equal to 3.76 billion immunization routes, since most of the vaccines call for two pokes.

The study tallied that up to 40% of the vaccine routes advanced by the top-tier manufacturers might be available for moderate incomed countries, but the final say depends on how rich nations share what they have acquired. 

Nations find a way through-

Many countries have held the hand of a stockpile purchasing mechanism COVAX– coordinated by the WHO, World Health Organization- targeting to make sure that folks across the global have access to a COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of the chattels.

The main aim is to have at least two billion doses available by the end of the year 2021.

It is quite alarming that- neither the United States of America nor Russia have so far joined the program.

Jason Schwartz’s outlook-

Jason Schwartz, working at the Yale School of Public Health, made it crystal clear that- quoting him- “US participation in coordination efforts would be ‘invaluable’ in helping ensure people across the world have access to vaccines “that will ultimately help bring an end to this devastating global health crisis”.

Recently, in a BMJ editorial held, Schwartz said the requisites for two doses, in accordance with optimally low temperature makes the vaccines’ storage seem like a challenge for many countries. “The operational challenges of the global COVID-19 vaccination programme will be at least as difficult as the scientific challenges associated with rapidly developing safe and effective vaccines,” he added.

John Hopkins’ thinking-

Researchers of John Hopkins claimed that the prices for immunizations ranged from $6 per shot to shooting high up to $74.

Economical linguistically, it is evident that, if all the vaccines work as aimed for, many moneyed nations would have a upper hand in reserving at least one immunization per person, already. 

According to our tally research: 

Canada had ordered four doses per person, the United States has reserved one vaccine shot per person, meanwhile countries- like Indonesia– have reserved less than one vaccine shot for every two people.

At least One Fifth of World’s Population Might Not Even Get COVID-19 Vaccine Until 2022



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