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Is the conspiracy true?- Pfizer’s first COVID-19 vaccine in UK accused to be staged


On December 8th 2020, Margaret Keenan– a ninety years old woman- became the first recipient of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine in the great nation of United Kingdom. 

But so after, a folk of netizens began a circulation of a conspiracy theory that- the vaccination has been a staged event. 

A narration is being cited- in every corner of UK- that a crisis actor named Liz Scott who reportedly was given the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine by imitating to be Keenan. Some internet users also claimed that Keenan died in 2008.

How can one say the vaccination was staged? 

Besides this crisis actor theory, a bunch of pictures of a woman falling on the ground and Keenan getting vaccinated are all over the internet. In the specific picture, in which the lady falls has a written caption, “Woman falls to the ground during Trafalgar Square protests”.

Additionally, this collection of pictures suggests that- the probability of the lady falling on the ground is Liz who acted out to be Keenan, in order to get the foremost COVID-19 vaccine shot. The takeaway is that- both the hypotheses suggest that the first COVID-19 vaccination occurrence by Pfizer had been staged.

Staging Proof- 

A Facebook account user shared some pictures of Keenan, Liz and the falling lady with the brief explanation appended, “Meet Liz Scott, a well-known crisis actor. Also showing her illuminati hand sign after she had her jab. Today she acted as a 90-year-old actor by the name of Margaret Keenan, a lady who died in 2008. But here she is taking the first c19 va x, live on TV for you to see.”

Who is Margaret Keenan?

According to UKNHS– the United Kingdom National Health Services- Ms. Keenan was a former jewellery shop subordinate, who retired four years ago. 

After getting vaccinated, Margaret appeared in diversified media interviews, which notes she is living. Thus, the claim made before of her passing away in 2008 is very much fictional.

Though in most photographs, Keenan is wearing a mask, in a tweet tweeted by ‘NHS England and NHS Improvement’, her face is clearly visible.

Does Scoot resemble Keenan?

It is found  that- her profile on the website- STARNOW, is marked out as ‘an actor, extra and model from London.’

Having a closer look at the pictures of Liz Scott shared in the viral articles and upon paralleling both the women, one can make a statement with all the confidence that- in terms of age: Liz is much younger than Keenan. Also, in terms of appearance: Liz has brown eye color, whereas Keenan has grayish eye color. 

About the lady who fell on the ground- 

After doing a lot of research, a valid evidence was found, a video reported by DailyMail– dated on September 27th 2020- that lady was initially spotted standing on a chair and afterwards she fell down got into a fight with a few policemen. The shot of the lady used in the post being viral is a screenshot from this video, itself. 

Pfizer is innocent; care for a proof? 

As per our resources- the caption of that picture of the lady who fell on the ground was protesting against corona virus’ vaccinations and restrictions. The identity of the falling lady is still anonymous. But, this can be stance, for sure, that this lady can in no way be Keenan, simply because she supports COVID-19 vaccination, unlike the anonymous falling lady! 

On keeping both eyes on the pictures of Liz, the unknown lady, and Keenan. It has been realised that all three of them look entirely in-similar. 

They are three different women of three different ages and three different appearances! 

Hence, these are all baseless allegations on Liz Scott, and Pfizer and its vaccine. 

Make sure- 

Not to get mis-informed! 

Is the conspiracy true?- Pfizer’s first COVID-19 vaccine in UK accused to be staged


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