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How to Keep Yourself Immune?


Buttressing your immunity is smoother said than done! 

But, hey! Manifold of dietary and lifestyle shifts may boost your body’s natural defense system, helping you fight diversified harmful disease causing pathogens.

Here are some natural tips to bolster your immunity: 

Stay hydrated

Though, hydration doesn’t play a significant role in protecting you from all those germs and viruses roaming out there. But, it is important to prevent yourself from dehydration, as it is an important factor of your oral health.

Risks involved in Dehydration-

Dehydration can worsen headaches, physical performance, focus, mood, digestion, plus functioning of heart and kidney.

How to prevent Dehydration- 

You should make it a routine to drink enough fluids daily, in order to make your urine turn a color into pale yellow. 

It is recommended that- an adult should drink at least 3 litres of fluids everyday. 

Sources of Hydration-

~ Water:

Free of calories, additives, or sugar. 

~ Tea:

Try to have sugar-free tea; as sweetened tea contains high sugar contents. 

~ Fresh Juices:

But may sure to limit your intake of fruit juice; as it contains high sugar contents. 

Worthwhile Advice-

Make sure to have more fluids, when working-out intensely.

Get enough sleep

Sleep is in conjunction with immunity.

As we all know, poor quality sleep is closely linked to a higher sensitivity to sickness.

Research about health sleep- 

In a famous study- of the 164 healthy adults selected, those who slept less than 6 hours each night were more perceptive to catch a cold than those who slept 6 hours or more each night. 

The wake sleep cycle-

It is recommended that- an adult should aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night; on the other hand, a teenage needs an average of 8–10 hours, and lucky are the younger children or toodlers who get 14 hours of sleepy dreamy nights. 

How to have a regular sleep cycle-

~ Try to limit the screen time for an hour or so before bedtime; as the blue light waves emitted by the electronics, that include your phone, television, or computer are a main factor of the irregular wake-sleep cycle, you are facing. So basically, that’s the reason why you are a sleepy head without any sleep. 

~ Try sleeping in a dark room, with all lights turned off. 

~ Try sleeping with an eyes’ patch on. 

~ Try exercising regularly. 

What all to eat 

Whole plant foods- 

It is known fact that whole plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes are plushed in nutrients, fibers, vitamin C, and antioxidants that keep you safe from those harmful pathogens.

Healthy fats-

Studies say that healthy fats found in olive oil and salmon boost your body’s immuno response to pathogens, decreasing the inflammation. 

These highly anti-inflammatory effects factors in the decreased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease or type-II diabetes.

Chia seeds also fight inflammation effectively. 

Fermented foods-

Fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, and natt are rich in beneficial bacteria called probiotics. 

Researches claim that- there’s a lush network of gut bacteria that helps your immune cells differ between healthy cells and harmful alien organisms. 

Super Supplements-

Multifield studies note that- supplements factor to strengthen your body’s immuno response. 

Vitamin C: 

According to a study- over 11,000 people, taking 1,000–2,000 mg of vitamin C per day reduced the duration of colds by 8% in adults and 14% in children.

Vitamin D: 

Vitamin D deficiency may increase the probability of sickening, so supplementing may prove to be worthwhile.


In a study- where 575 people with the common cold, supplementing with more than 75 mg of zinc daily, reduced their duration of the cold by 33%, which is phenomenal. 


In a 12-week study- where 146 people found that consuming garlic, reduced the chances of common cold by about 30%.

Kindly note: Supplements will not prevent the disease, but will surely reduce their possibilities. Make sure to consult your doctor, if you plan their consumption. 

Engage in exercise

As said by our elders and many researchers: moderate exercise can give our immune system a boost.

A daily session of moderate exercise help your immunity cells regenerate, decreasing the inflammation. 

Examples of moderate exercise-

~ brisk walking 

~ cycling 

~ swimming 

~ jogging 

~ occasional hiking 

Worthwhile advice- 

Do these exercises for two and a half hour, every week to increase your immunity. 

Manage the stress levels

Stress and anxiety disrupt our immune system to many heights. 

Many psychologists believe that extensive psychological stress can press down the immune response in children. 

Stress bummers-

~ meditation 

~ exercise 

~ yoga 

~ soothing music 

~ chamomile tea

Worthwhile advice- 

If your stress or anxiety issues still persist. Try meeting with a certified therapist. 

Limit the sugar rush

Recent research noted that added sugars and refined carbohydrates contribute disproportionately to obesity, which go hand in hand in increasing your risk of sickness. 

In reading of an observational study in which 1,000 obese people were vaccined with the flu vaccine were noted to be twice as likely to still perceive the flu as compared to the individuals without obesity who received the vaccine as well. 

Worthwhile advice-

Consume no more than 2 tablespoons of sugar in a day. 

2 tablespoons of sugar = 2,000 calories. 

In wrap up- 

Less sugarLess inflammation Less weight Less risk of chronic illnesses

Right now, these handful lifestyle shifts may seem like a plate full of baloney. But, they do play a major role in transformation to an immuno-rich life. 

Let me know, how it works out for you! 

As you begin to heal the inner you, 

You alter your immune system. 



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