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Lemongrass Tea- A Phenomenal Tonic


About Lemongrass-

Lemongrass, also known as citronella, is a tall and stalky plant. It tastes fresh, lemony and has a tinch of citrus flavor. Lemongrass is also used in aromatherapy, thai cooking, and acts as a bug repellent as well. 

It is a herb, natively grown in Sri Lanka and South India but now in many countries around the globe. Did you know: it is possible to brew lemongrass to make tea. 

A folk of researchers are digging deep for the health and medicinal benefits of drinking lemongrass tea; and I bet that made you come up here, reading this article. Didn’t it? 

Benefits of Lemongrass Tea-

To relieve stress

I and my sister find sipping that steaming hot lemongrass tea to be relaxing. Doctors believe that lemongrass tea offers a manifold of anxiety-reducing properties. 

Studies show that- just by smelling lemongrass, it can provide to be helpful with the anxiety.  

To lower cholesterol levels

Recently, I was reading an article in the Journal of Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology & Research, it notes that-  lemongrass has the potential to lower the cholesterol levels in animals; it furthered that- the result is dose-dependent, meaning that- larger the quantities of lemongrass, lower the cholesterol levels.

To relieve pain

A recent study claims that- lemongrass has the ability to block the pain, meaning that drinking lemongrass tea could potentially help to prevent one from sensing pain.

To prevent infection

Doctors suggest that lemongrass has some infection-preventing capabilities.

For instance, the herb seems to reduce a fungal infection that commonly affects people with weak immune systems. 

To boost oral health

Recently, I was reading an article in The Food Chemistry journal, in which the authors studied 12 herbs and discovered that lemongrass herbal extracts claimed to be- potent inhibitors of bacterial growth in the 12 lab samples.

To relieve bloating

Personally, I have experience this, so trust me when you read this! Lemongrass tea contains diuretics, it stimulates the kidneys to release more urine.

Hence, this diuretic effect prevents water retention that could lead to bloating. 

To boost red blood cell levels

In a study of 2015, some researchers studied the blood tests of a few humans and concluded that- drinking lemongrass tea hikes the formulation of red blood cells.

Recipe of Lemongrass Tea- 

Here’s my Granny’s secret recipe– on how to brew my lemongrass tea:

  • cut the stalks, precisely, into one inch pieces
  • wash the stalks thoroughly 
  • pound them well
  • measure a cup of water and boil it
  • add ginger, cardamon or honey- according to your taste preferences
  • pour the boiling water over the lemongrass stalks
  • let stay, the stalks in the water for at least 7 minutes
  • strain the tea from the stalks and pour into a cup

Voilà! The lemongrass tea is ready to drink. You can try putting a handful of ice cubes, to make it an iced-lemongrass tea, as well. 

My personal advice: you should make a routine to have one cup of lemongrass tea everyday. Afterwards, you can even elevate the number of drinks in your diet, according to your wish. 

What can a lazy-head do? 

Many grocery stores sell lemongrass tea. Nowadays, it is also available online.

Buy now and start your healthy journey! 
Please note: We do not endorse or advertise this product but it’s given as a suggestion for the reader based on our research.We suggest our readers to contact a certified dietician before the purchase of any such consumable.

An amazing healthy greed full fact: 

Lemongrass tea claims to shed that unhealthy belly fat in a very limited time period. So, drink it, starting today! 



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