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India piles up on vaccines against COVID 19

India piles up covid vaccines
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Amidst the global pandemic, finding a solution or prevention has become extremely imperative as the virus has claimed around 1.49 million lives worldwide. This rate had to be brought down and under control.

The only way to do this, was either to find a cure or a prevention that would not allow the vaccine to attack human beings. Hence, to aid this, scientists, medical professionals and researchers around the globe started to work on the formulation for vaccines that would help contain the spread of the virus.

In the recent months, a few countries like Russia, United States, etc. have been successful to some extent in the production of vaccines that might just lead a way out of the pandemic.

Some of these vaccines are on the last phase of trial where as some others are in line of approval from various safety authorities.

While most are aware, that India is the second worst hit country, another detail that may have just been left out in the is the dealings of India with the companies producing vaccines in the past few weeks.

According to a study conducted by the Duke university of the United States, to date, India has secured the most number of vaccines. As per the data collected during the survey, about 1.6 billion doses of the vaccine have been secured by the country. Following India, the second largest demand is by Europe.

The Oxford-Astra Zeneca by the Oxford university is at the top of India’s banking list, with approximately 1 billion doses. India has also shown a great deal of interest in Gamaleya Research institute’s sputnik 5 vaccine securing around 10 million doses from the firm.

India has also seen to have dealings for other vaccines like Covax, Moderna, Pfizer, Curevac, etc. Although all these vaccines are yet seeking approval from the administrative authorities, most of the firms producing these vaccines have started the intake of dose orders to avoid the squander of time post approval thus providing vaccines at the earliest possible.


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