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7 Trending Ways to Avoid Bloating

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1. Avoid Hot Spices!

Say a ‘Big NO’ to black pepper, seasoner, hot sauces, and vinegar. As they’ll stimulate the assembly of acid within the stomach; after the acid is released, it causes irritation and worsens the bloating.

What I do is- Eat blunt foods, which also helps to purify the gut.

2. Exercise Regularly!

I would like all of my lovely readers to apply this for good.

What I do is- Biking for half an hour, a minimum 4 times each week may help reduce the bloating.

3. Avoid Constipation!

Make sure to always get enough fiber-rich foods including whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Shocking Fact about Watermelon: Eating a whole watermelon in one sitting can make one feel bloated for 6 long hours.

4. Avoid Eating Much!

Eating big meals, tends to feel uncomfortable afterwards.

For this reason, simply eating smaller meals is incredibly useful.

Best Tip: Add another daily meal if necessary.

5. Avoid Fizz!

Carbonated beverages like soda or fizzy drinks contain bubbles of dioxide, a gas which is released from the liquid after it reaches the stomach.

Secret behind Chewing Gum: It can cause increased amounts of swallowed air.

6. Avoid Midnight Munch!

Fun Fact: When we eat up late at the hours of darkness, it’s certain, we are going to feel all puffy-like the subsequent morning.

Best Tip- have an enormous lunch and a light-weight dinner.

7. Avoid Extra Sodium!

Processed foods are low in fiber and high in sodium, hence the consumer further ends up being bloated.

What I do is- Opt for products that have food labels like ‘low sodium’ or ‘sodium free.’

Bloating can be eliminate just by making a handful changes in the diet. Trust me! If I can done this, you can too.


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