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Russia and India: meeting of minds against COVID-19

Sputnik V

BREAKING NEWS: Russia concurs to generate mass dosages of corona virus vaccine Sputnik V in India.

Not long ago, Russia has drew out a bonhomous hand towards India; and avouches to work together and help the sphere out of this spine-chilling corona virus situation.

Source: Sputnik V‘s Twitter account.

The ensuing flashing news in Moscow, Russia and all over the map of India through the unerring Reuters is- Russia’s sovereign wealth budget and ‘Hetero,’ an Indian pharmaceutical company, have coincided to produce over 100 million doses of the corona virus vaccine, namely Sputnik V in India, per year.

B. Murali Krishna Reddy, Hetero’s director of international marketing, aforementioned “While we look forward to the clinical trial results in India, we believe that manufacturing the product locally is crucial to enable swift access to patients.”

Russia has aforesaid the vaccine, Sputnik V, is 92% effective at shielding folks from COVID-19. On Thursday, November 26th 2020, contrivers of the Sputnik V vaccine whilom that UK-based drugs firm AstraZeneca should seek combining its experimental shot with the Russian one to jack up efficacity. In order to toil their A-listed echelon.

Funding of this corona virus vaccine Sputnik V is being backed up hand in hand by Hetero and RDIF, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, documentations stance on Friday, November 27th 2020, say that- merchandising of the vaccine Sputnik V will be done encyclopedically and the production plan of India will start in the commencement of the year 2021.


Phase II and III clinical trials of the corona virus vaccine Sputnik V are afoot in India. Kallam Anji Reddy– a drugmaker, founder and chairman of Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd.- said it is anticipated that the late-stage trials are to be completed pioneer by the month March 2021.


Today’s consensual statement stated: ‘Sputnik V Phase III clinical trials are currently headway in Belarus, the UAE, Venezuela and other countries.’


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