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Everyday hydration and water consumption – All you need to know

How much water to drink everyday

We often hear from people on how much the daily consumption of water and fluids should be. We often read about benefits like reduction of weight, clear skin, good hair quality, etc.

Most scientists and doctors suggest a range between 13 to 15 cups i.e. anywhere between 3 liters to 4 liters per day. However, this value cannot be set as a constant; this is because the water intake of an individual may vary according to varying situations.

Why is it so important to regulate water intake?

Water is an essential part in the body for a number of reasons. Almost up to 60% of an adult human beings body weight is water and similar biological fluids in the body.

It is not essential to drink specific number of glasses of water everyday however it is very important to maintain this ratio of water in the body.

Water helps abolish toxins in the body. If the medicines we rely on to make ourselves feel better remain suspended in our bodily system may create problems and disorders like liver or kidney failure; the water that we consume, passes through the liver, cleansing it and taking with it all the toxins and suspended heavy metals moving on to the kidney where it forms urine and is excreted out of the body.

Water also plays a role in formation of saliva and mucous protecting your mouth and respiratory tract from bacteria.

Water also helps ease the process of digestion. Along with acting as a lubricant to help food pass smoothly, it also prevents buildup of food and toxins in the rectal and the colon areas of the intestine thus preventing colorectal related disease and is especially seen to prevent colorectal cancer.

Frequent hydration also ensures your body temperature is well within the limits. It also keeps skin from tearing by constantly providing moisture to the dermal layer.

Apart from keeping the skin healthy, drinking plenty of water also helps maintain the fluid between the bones and in the cushion joints which helps keep the bone structure intact averting dislocations and furnishes easy pain free movements.

What should your daily water intake level be?

The question of daily water intake levels has been answered differently by different professionals. Most dieticians and nutritionists have suggested that 8 cups of water is the minimal that must at all costs be consumed by an adult human being.

However the average ranges to around 15 – 16 cups (3.7 liters) per day for men and 11 – 12 cups (2.7 liters) per day in case of women.

How much water to drink everyday

Water intake however, is dependent on a number of factors and situations as in, if the adult is an athlete, water consumption would be more than in case of a regular adult.

The water consumption would decrease in a colder environment or temperature and dehydration rates are not very high and vice versa in humid or desert like regions. Water/ fluid intake must also increase during pregnancy to keep the womb healthier.

Overconsumption of water or may not be a major concern for many as water is easily processed and excreted in the form of urine. However, in some cases, excess water cannot be processed by the kidney and may cause disturbances in the sodium levels resulting in disorder called hyponatremia.

How to know your consumption levels

As discussed earlier, the water intake levels are adjusted as per individual requirements. But how can one decide whether it is enough? All a person needs to do is keep an eye on excretion; if the urine excreted is a pale color with a  tinge of yellow, both input and output of urine are regulated sufficiently.

If a person does not dehydrate frequently and rehydrate more often, or even feel thirsty constantly, it is an indication enough that the water consumption levels are pretty good.

Putting a period…

It is extremely essential that water levels be maintained in the body. Thus rehydration is a necessity to regulate many other bodily functions. Rehydration need not be done only by water, other fluids may be helpful as well however the frequent consumption of such flavored fluids may not be very beneficial for overall health in the long run. But however, make sure to rehydrate yourself plenty so as to have a balanced bodily function and to keep away from any disorders.


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