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Beat A Bad Mood

Beat a bad mood

Often times, a small incident or experience is enough to set a person off thus putting him / her in a bad mood. Snapping out of such a mood is not plain sailing, especially if the people around do not help by being understanding about the same; beating a bad mood thus becomes difficult in such situations.

A bad mood is not a trivial problem, a bad mood can not only decrease work efficiency but also behaviorally affect you that may eventually affect relationships with friends or colleagues. Thus, Sometimes it becomes vital to beat a bad mood.

Why does one need to snap out of a bad mood?

Researchers and psychologists have conducted various studies on how a bad mood can affect various aspects of everyday life, most of these have indicated about 31% decline in work efficiency.

Alongside this, a bad mood has also seen to adversely affect relationships both at work and personal life. Most people in a bad mood are seen to snap back at a person in randomness this will not only put the other person in a bad mood but may also permanently affect their alliance. Beating a bad mood is essential because a bad mood causes excess stress and anxiety and may also lead to other health related problems.

It is often said that a bad mood is extremely contagious. A bad mood can not only compromise a person’s ability to understand and sympathize with another person’s situation or need but may in turn also play a role in worsening the opposite person’s mood and the people around if any. Thus it is  exceedingly important to know how to and whenever possible beat a bad mood and help others do the same.

How can one beat a bad mood?

Beating a bad mood can be challenging but it is most certainly possible. There are a number of methods that have been studied and tested By scientists and psychologists all over the globe to that have proved to alleviate bad mood while enhancing a cheerful one. 

• Calm your mind.

The first step towards beating bad mood must be to calm the anger, agitation and irritation brought by the bad experience or incident. A few inhalation and exhalation exercises come highly recommended for the same i.e. a few deep breaths ( inhale count to 7 in your mind then exhale. Continue this for 8-10 times at least ). This quick fix helps relax the mind of agitation and can be done immediately at any place and any time.

•  Take a walk, embrace the nature and it’s calmness.

Taking a walk in the wilderness of the nature is another trick that is seen of largely impact and uplift mood. Taking a walk by yourself in a garden or a park or even on a quiet street may be extremely beneficial, a person may even practice the technique of deep breathing while taking a walk or being outdoors.

• Take 5 minutes of a breather to mellow out.

As soon as a your are triggered to a bad place, stop all the activity that you would at the moment be performing for just 5 minutes and close your eyes, think of any cheerful memories or just a serene and quiet environment like the calming beach waves or a sky full of stars around the moon, this will help pulling yourself back together to work the way you are expected to.

Beat A Bad Mood
Think of/ imagine a serene scenery

• Listen to some calming sounds or music or a positive, cheerful song.

In a angry or upset state of mind, people often tend to listen to sad music that they would be able to relate to however, that would do more harm than good; on the other hand, listening to calm and composed music can help relax the mind and listening to a cheerful song can help uplift and lighten the mood.

• Do not bottle up your feelings, communicate with someone.

If the person who put you in a bad mood is a good friend or colleague, talking to them about it and asking them to not repeat it again would actually seem to help. However if not, talk to someone you trust, who can  elevate your mood and make you feel better about the situation. 

• Eat some sweets.

Sweet food like chocolates, ice creams, sweetened yoghurt  have been scientifically proven to be mood boosters. The body uses chocolates or sugars to produce what is commonly known as the happy hormone serotonin. Thus consuming chocolates when you’re low can show tremendous change in moods. Definitely a ‘go to’ trick to Beat A Bad Mood

Wrapping up…. 

In conclusion, just practicing a few tricks and spending 5 to 10 minutes to combat a bad mood scenario can spare a lot of time and inefficiency of work or disturbances in thought at a later time.

Elevating mood and beating a bad mood is necessary to prevent physical and behavioral effects at a later stage. Thus keep in mind of the few ways this can be carried out and help yourself as well as others when in need.

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