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Feel Zestful And Lively To Achieve More And Better In Life

over exhaustion may be harmful

Over exhaustion is one of the most common worries in today’s generation. People are overworked constantly this in addition to being exhausted and tired physically, they are over stressed causing mental exhaustion as well.

The increase in competition has in turn increased the work load on an individual. Perfection is a mandate in every field thus instead of assigning work to peers and colleagues, the person takes it upon himself thus making him / her over ambitious.

For achieving an extremely ambitious goal, a person ignores his / her own health which in the long run is a highly threatening situation.

Feeling tired is a medical condition termed as fatigue. Fatigue may be an underlying cause of a number of problems, most of which can be avoided by simply taking account for one’s own health.

Several studies conducted by various scientists and psychologists all over the globe indicate that progress and stability in work is proportional to a person’s mental and physical health which means that the more stress free and lively a person is, the better he/ she achieves.

Why does one feel sapped ?

As mentioned earlier, feeling drowsy and tired may be a cause of a number of issues few of which may include over working, underlying medical conditions that a person may or may not be aware of, stress, no exercise to the body while no rest for the brain, etc.

However, all these reasons are manageable if a person is ready to put in the work.

What happens if a person feels constantly tired?

  • If an over worked person feels tired, he / she may lose interest in the work hence completing the work only as a formality without being interested.
  • Degraded quality of work. The assigned work may be sloppy and lousy which may in future cause another set of problems for the person.
  • Affect a person’s Mental Health. If a person works only to complete the assigned work in the given deadline without being interested in it, he / she will be under tremendous stress and pressure to do so.
  • Further cause other medical conditions like hypertension, arteriosclerosis etc.

How to prevail from feeling exhausted?

Feeling exhaustion or experiencing fatigue is actually optional if a person chooses for it to be.

Avoiding fatigue and the unnecessary problems it brings with it can be done in just a few ways that do not consume much time or effort these are as follows:

  • Take only as much as you can. Do not over work yourself. Believe in quality over quantity ( less work done with better efficiency is always preferred over more work done in a sloppy manner).
  • Eat right. Consume unprocessed foods rich in vitamins, this helps you feel fresh and light. It will also help you balance your weight and as the saying goes lesser the weight more the energy. Lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and snacking on nuts comes highly recommended.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and beverages. Often people believe that loads of coffee helps stay awake and focused especially at night times, which to some extent is true however, continuous consumption of caffeine may develop patterns of apnea, insomnia, etc. Caffeine is therefore healthy only within limits.
  • Schedule your sleep and naps. While lesser than normal sleep hours makes a person irritated, unable to focus or concentrate, etc. , In the same way over sleeping also causes problems like sloppiness and laziness. Hence make sure to have a proper sleeping schedule of 6-7 hours a day with not more than 2 hours of nap time. (Not sleeping during the day is not a problem either.)
  • Make sure to see a therapist as frequently as needed. Having a good mental health is as important as if not more than having a good physical health. Even if a person may not be physically ill, but mentally stressed it may affect the quality of work and show physical symptoms reflecting not only physically but also behaviorally.
  • Get on the track. A little exercise to the body everyday can do a lot good, it not only will help in getting in shape but also be rejuvenating for the mind. Some yogic exercises may also help in calming the mind and relieving of stress.
  • Regular health check ups are a necessity. As mentioned earlier, a variety of underlying medical problems maybe a cause of the rigorous fatigue. Even small medical problems like allergies, rhinitis, acidity, etc.

Consequently, tiredness and fatigue may be really harmful to not only your health but also your work and your other everyday activities.

But however, this can be avoided and things can be turned around if one decides to take care of his/ her own health both physically as well as mentally.

Just by doing regular exercise, good sleeping patterns and so on, not only destruction of work by fatigue can be avoided but the quality of work can be enhanced and improved considerably.


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