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Has ‘herd immunity’ against COVID-19 reached India, already?

herd immunity

Pune is the first city in India to have announced that- they have found herd immunity to corona virus in modest population factions. Recently, a study conducted in Pune had divulged that 85 per cent of the people who had tested positive and found to be infected with corona virus earlier, had advanced protective antibodies. In elementary words, they have acquired immunity against the soul- throbbing disease.

This is the first documented case in the country where the infection rate in a population group had gone up so high, the notion of herd immunity could already be shelling out.

The existence of these antibodies only indicates that the person had been infected with the disease at some point of time. It does not mean that the infected individual has also attained immunity against the malady. Immunity comes only if the infected individual develops what is called ‘neutralising’ or ‘protective’ antibodies.

But it still can’t be said that Pune has achieved, or is reaching, herd immunity. But the pore out is that- those who were previously tested positive are boosting immunity against this atrocious virus.

Dr Gagandeep Kang, one of the co-authors of the study whose tome was released on Thursday, said. The study is still to be ogle reviewed.

However, Dr. Kang supplemented, “Pune residents must not relax or lower their guards, and horde market places like we have seen in the state of, New Delhi. If people do not protect themselves, a second wave in Pune can’t be ruled out. A lot of control is in the people’s hands, and a lot depends on how people act.”

The level of protective antibodies in the infected persons also varied from individual to individual. As said by Professor Aurnab Ghose, principal investigator of the study, “About 85 per cent of the infected folks have shown palpable amounts of neutralising antibodies. Of this, about 50 per cent had high levels of neutralising antibodies.”

Pune has proclaimed 0.344 million confirmed cases of coronavirus, that is the third highest for any city, after Delhi and Bengaluru.

The surveys estimate for wider prevalence rate, because not every infected person shows symptoms and gets tested.


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