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Brazil meets with Pfizer regarding vaccines against COVID 19

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Amid the global pandemic, Brazil is said to be the third worst hit country following United states of America and India with a total of 5.95 million cases and rising with an infection rate if 1.1. The everyday cases in the largest south American country have started to see a sudden rise from the past week after a steady decline was observed since October 22nd.

Brazil meets with Pfizer regarding vaccines against COVID 19
Brazil meets with Pfizer regarding vaccines against COVID 19

Owing to these conditions, the health officials of Brazil health ministry had a business meeting with the Pfizer Inc representatives on Tuesday the 18th of November 2020 about the vaccine trials and purchase.

Pfizer an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation, in partnership with BioNTech SE a German biotechnological company, manufactured an M RNA based vaccine BNT161b2 that develops resistance against the novel Coronavirus.

This vaccine started it’s phase 3 trials on 27th of July 2020 a diverse group of populations ( different age groups, races, nationality, environmental conditions, etc. ) showing promising results across all.

The brazil health officials said they would confirm the deal as soon as the final efficacy results of the vaccine arrived. A Pfizer representative added about the vaccine showing almost about a 95% efficacy rate in the phase 3 trials according to the preliminary data.

The safety constraints by the FDA ( food and drug administration ) and the EUA ( emergency use authorization ) as well were successfully crossed and only needed to be recorded and registered.

The Pfizer association has proposed to provide Brazil with millions of doses of the COVID – 19 vaccine during the first half of the 2021 annum to help bring down and reduce cases while providing preventive measures.

Anvisa, the, the health regulator of Brazil, will also meet later this week with other associations like Johnson and Johnson, Barat biotech, etc. to view their immunization plans and then consider the final approval of the BNT161b2 vaccine to provide immunization against the Coronavirus.

Brazil might also receive and analyze Chinas Sinovac COVID – 19 vaccine however have made clear that human trials for the vaccine will be under specific regulatory, extreme conditions only.


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