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Austria crosses over 100 deaths in the last 24 hours

Austria AND COVID-19

BREAKING NEWS: The Ministry of the Interior disclosed on November 18th, that there has been such an austere record for the first time in the history of COVID-19 in Austria, a poll of 109 deaths has been reported within the last 24 hours.

There have been 7091 new corona virus cases, and this goes without saying- the degree of infection is at its spike- top.

According to the statistics, currently 4592 people are hospitalised and about 682 of those are in intensive care units.

Vienna– the national capital, largest city, and one of the nine states of Austria- has got 50,438 people who tested positive with corona virus, yesterday. The death toll related to the corona virus is around 468. The capital is undeniably facing a peril fiasco, dealing with COVID-19.

Demands for hospitals go on to rise- as the number of patients in hospitals advances to rise; 682 COVID-19 patients needed intensive care on Wednesday that accounts to be 24 more than what the toll was on Tuesday. Within a week, more than146 patients were admitted to intensive care units.

A total of 4592 people had to be treated in hospital on Wednesday that tales to be 67 more than what the count was on the day before.

Every nation seems to have a rotten luck when it comes to corona virus- our communal ordeal.


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