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Reuters’ tally the COVID-19 cases


BREAKING NEWS: France becomes the first European country to top 2 million COVID-19 cases.

Reuters tell us- despite all attempts made, counting the nationwide lockdown, on November 17th 2020, France outpaced 2 million corona virus cases.

Latterly, the sources tallied and disclosed that France now, holds the fourth position in the number of contagions reported [only with 2,036,755 cases behind the United States, India, and Brazil.] With a headway in the report, France ranks seventh in position in COVID-19 deaths cases globally [with death toll of 45,000 cases.]

Europe just recently reported 14.5 million corona virus cases, making it one of the worst- affected region in the world.

Olivier Veran, the French Health Minister, stated on November 17th 2020, the country was regaining curb over the COVID-19 situation but was not apt to ease the second national lockdown foisted to rein in the outbreak.

Despite all the fewer daily cases, the tally of people hospitalized because of COVID-19 has reached an all-time high, and France has the third apical number of deaths in Europe itself [after the United Kingdom and Italy.]

The latest release is- The regime of President Emmanuel Macron has set a December 1st target for denouement of the lockdown, although it might be drawn- out if the statistics do not fall fast enough.



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