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German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans stricter rules to curb Covid-19 spread

Angela Merkel

Despite all the attempts made by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is fraught with peril. The partial lockdown that was foisted in the early weeks of November turned out to be a futile.

Being cemented in such a dicey situation, Angela Merkel plans to implement more scrupulous regulation in order to curb the COVID- 19 escalation.

In the coming week ahead, on the event of Germany’s 16th Regional Premiers, Merkel is likely to come up with the drafts that will be enforced effectively immediately, once endorsed.

These drafts typify:

  • It will be obligatory for the students and faculty in all the schools to wear face masks.
  • All citizens, regardless of their age group, will have to shun private parties till December 25th 2020.
  • People aged 65 years and above, will receive 15 FFP2 face masks for supplemental safety during this upcoming winter.
  • Immunization centers will be apt to operate December 15th 2020, onwards.
  • One household will be allowed to publicly meet with a maximum of two people from another household.

Angela Merkel’s economy minister, Peter Altmaier, understood and was certain that Germany will have to live with ‘considerable restrictions’ for at least the upcoming next four to five months.

Merkel by well understanding the gravity of the situation and the brunt of corona virus on the lives of millions of people, she will be holding further talks with regional leaders on November 23rd 2020, to discuss and decide their strategy for the month (December onwards).

Though, Germany has far fewer cases and deaths than the nations like Italy or France but the German government is worried that rapidly filling up of hospitals is alarming and will overload their health care system.

Angela Merkel is at her best, to salvage Germany from any further pandemic ravage.


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