Human beings have always been deep-rooted and spiritually attached to nature and mother earth. Getting outside in the sunlight and being surrounded by nature always gives you a refreshing feeling and energizes you. Being in nature surrounded by green plants does not only give physical benefits, but it also proved to be immensely beneficial for your mental health.

Managing your mental health in the 21st century with all the complex emotions that we experience in our day-to-day life is not easy. But it turns out that decking yourself around can help to manage stress levels. There is an ongoing reach about the benefits of keeping home plants that will not only purify the air around you but will also help you to have a mindful life.

How can plants help?

Plants remove carbon dioxide and toxins from the air and release oxygen as well as increase the humidity, making the air good for us to breathe and improve our skin. In addition to this, it has significantly proved that keeping home plants can help with your mental well-being.

Houseplants don’t only beautify your space but also provide you with mindfulness as you indulge in taking care of them. They remind you to keep moving in your life no matter what season it is. Plants make you realize the importance of little things in your life. They are beautiful that make us happy.

Here are some suggestions of home plants that are easy to maintain and will decorate your home as well as fill you up with happiness.


Snake plants are beautiful, teeming plants that grow very quickly. It purifies the air around you by absorbing the toxins present in it. The snake plant emits oxygen at night, which will improve your sleep. They are best known for filtering out formaldehyde from the air which is emitted by hairsprays and aerosol sprays, so they are a perfect fit for your bedroom. Moreover, they are very compact and do not require much space as they grow vertically, so you can easily save floor space.


Succulent plants can brighten up the room in any climate. These small potted plants are an aesthetic pleasure and add a wide range of texture and color to your home. They purify the air around you and increase the humidity which helps you to have a night of better sleep and thereby enlightening your mood and emotions. Many types of research have shown that they can improve your focus, increase your pain tolerance as well as enhance your memory.


Aloe vera plant is great for healing surface wounds and skin alignment as it contains healthful plant components. It purifies the air from irritants that impact your respiratory system and can trigger feelings of stress and anxiety. It has rich antioxidants and antibacterial properties which accelerate the wound healing process. The aloe vera plant also brings down the dental plague. Moreover, the Aloe vera plant is an easy to maintain plant and does not require intensive care, so it is a perfect fit for you! 


Bamboo palm is perfect for adding a taste of tropic to your home. Growing between 3 to 6 feet these are long, elegant, and easy to maintain plants increasing the aesthetic value of your home environment. Leaves of bamboo palm sweep away the toxins such as chloroform, xylene, carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde. It is also a natural humidifier as it increases the humidity in the air, which is especially beneficial during the winters. It will be best if you keep it out from direct sunlight and during the summer months feeding on all-purpose liquid fertilizer.


Chinese evergreen plants help to improve the air quality of your indoors as they have the ability to filter out the toxins from the air around you. These plants are very easy to maintain and can grow with little gardening and care. Furthermore, these prepossessing green leafy plants emit oxygen making the air around you pure and giving you the feeling of mindfulness as well as reduces stress and irritability. The best part about Chinese evergreens is that they remain green even in the gloomiest months of the seasons there, giving abundant aesthetic pleasure.


Flamingo lily is a beautiful evergreen plant which is well-known for their beautiful flowers. They need a little more care in comparison to the other plants. Flamingo lilies are proved to be incredibly effective at removing the air-bone ammonia, toluene, formaldehyde, and xylene in your home which can impact both physical and mental health. They require a considerable amount of humidity, so it is a great addition to a houseplant ecosystem with the plants that provide humidity.

Having green plants around you will not increase your productivity and mindfulness, but will also help you to decrease your stress and anxiety. You can have these house plants in your home and office to make the environment around you positive and happy!



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