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Willpower: The slumbering giant within us

Willpower: The slumbering giant within us

We are often marveled by stories about how certain people survive extreme circumstances and come out triumphant. Be it surviving life threatening diseases, oppression or even surviving in a competitive business environment, a casual observation among these scenarios point towards how determined the person was to pull through their adverse situation.

But what does this have to do with us? We are comfortable, right? That’s too much self-discipline and effort! When the situation demands we’ll do it then!

In a simple analogy, remember when Ultron said in context to Vibranium, “The most versatile substance on the planet, and they used it to make a frisbee.” Well that’s exactly what you are doing. No one is asking you to change the world or overcome COVID single-handedly.

But at the same time, you can use your willpower to transform yourself. We all have those long-term goals, which require that pesky effort everyday and that is a good enough reason to carry it forward to the next day (which never comes). More than laziness, its your lack of willpower inhibiting you to overcome the sloth in you.

The so-called miracles in life are born out of sheer willpower and of course some luck, but without the former even lady luck cannot save you. If we look at willpower subjectively, then it is the only thing under our control capable of defining our lives.

Your willpower keeps you motivated way more than someone’s lecture or someone’s achievements. Elon Musk has rightly said,

“If you need to be motivated to do something, then don’t do it.”

External motivation has temporary impact on us.

But the motivation you derive from yourself will be the one pushing you to complete goals. To have such motivation you need to have a strong willpower. The ability to resist giving up even when you want to give up so desperately.

How do I awaken my willpower? Start by caring for yourself in a healthy way. Your willpower works only for you, if you don’t care for yourself it won’t work. Joining a gym, doing simple tasks or even eating healthy won’t awaken your willpower.

You will do this for a week or two and then the fatigue hits in. What do you do? Go back to how you were. But would you give up if you really cared about getting fit or if you really cared about having an organized clutter-free environment? Find out by starting today.


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