Home NEWS Refreshed claims of SARS-Cov-2 being a Man-made virus

Refreshed claims of SARS-Cov-2 being a Man-made virus

Refreshed claims of SARS-Cov-2 being a Man-made virus

Those of you panicking that there’s a new virus in town, no we are talking about Covid-19. SARS-Cov-2 Is the scientific name of our deadly neighborhood virus, COVID-19. Li-Meng Yan a Chinese virologist has shot in limelight yet again after her claims of covid-19 being reportedly of lab origin.

Yan who is currently hiding in USA after fleeing China due to her initial claims in May on covid-19 being an artificial virus has spoken out against Chinese authorities and their confidential lab data. She even claims to have proof suggesting that covid-19 was in fact made in a Wuhan virology laboratory.

In a recent interview with WION, Yan claimed that the Chinese government were well aware of the spread of coronavirus and the World Health Organization (WHO) was very much a “part of the cover up”. She further clarifies that the Wuhan wet market, the origination of the virus with the famous bat, was “just a smokescreen from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)”.

Dr. Yan has also claimed that CCP is trying to tarnish her image and reputation through social media and is conducting cyber attacks to intimidate her and her family.

Notable, Yan’s twitter account was recently suspended by Twitter. Back in December, while working in Hong Kong School of Public Health she was asked to investigate a “SARS-like” virus from Wuhan. Her study concluded that the cases appeared to be rising exponentially. However, she was asked to keep silent or else “be disappeared”.

She added that the Chinese government began to discredit her even before she fled the country. “They deleted all my information and also asked people to spread rumors about me,” she said. However, the Chinese National Health Commission, World Health Organization and University of Hong Kong have refuted her claims labelling it a mere defamation propaganda and conspiracy theory.



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