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Yoga Poses For Entrepreneurs To Overcome Stress

Yoga Poses For Entrepreneurs To Overcome Stress
Yoga Poses For Entrepreneurs To Overcome Stress

Setting up a new venture is not an easy task and to run it with the same enthusiasm and unflinching zeal is even harder , but there are those who hate to make an excuse and keep pushing the limits with their commitment. Entrepreneurs are that rare breed we are talking about who are the ideators of yesterday and innovators of tomorrow.

In the heat of getting the best out of themselves , they are bound to be left exhausted and there are even moments where their fervour to compete can dry up as a result of burnouts. As per a 2012 study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine , Yoga based lifestyle intervention was able to reduce the markers of stress and inflammation in as less as 10 days in patients with chronic diseases.

This is an important finding in the context of the efficacy Yogic practices can have on individuals who are facing a burnout. In the following analysis , we seek to discuss 4 Yoga Poses For Entrepreneurs To Overcome Stress

Anjaneyasana or Low Lunge Pose

It is named after the blessed mother of Lord Hanuman , Anjani. It is highly recommended for those who are working in stressful jobs.


1. Begin with the Adho Mukha Svanasana.

2. Slowly exhale and carefully place your foot in between the hands while the knee is to be bent at a 90-degree angle.

3.Gently lower the left knee to the floor ,  placing the top of the left foot on the floor.(ensure your right foot placed on the floor).

4.Now slowly stretch the right knee forward and then the left knee backward and carefully draw your tailbone down toward the floor.

5.Slowly inhale and lift the torso, and as you do raise your arms up in line with your ears and your palms facing each other or in Anjani mudra.

6.Gently bend your head slightly backwards and slowly look up.

7.Slowly exhale and let your hips relax .

8.Stay in the position for 15 to 30 seconds.

9.To end this pose, place your hands back to the floor and get back into the Downward-facing-dog Pose

10. Repeat the above with the left foot.


1. Calms the mind and relaxes the body.

2. Reduces belly fat.

3.Improves digestion.

Garudasana or Eagle Arms

In Sanskrit , Garuda=a bird of prey / carrier of Lord Vishnu and Asana=Pose. It is highly helpful in providing flexibility and strength.


1.Carefully stand in Tadasana with your hands alongside the thighs.

2.Gently raise your right leg and twist it around the left leg. Be careful in this step.

3.Now slowly fold the two arms near the elbows.

4.Cautiously twist the left arm around your right arm. Gently place the palms together so as to resemble the beak of an eagle, or Garuda.

5.Fix your gaze at a point in front of the body. Slowly bend the leg with care and lower your body as far as you can.

6.Focus on the point in front of the body throughout.

7.Now, repeat the above steps with other leg and arm.


1. Brings better synergy between the body and mind.

2. Treats sciatica.

3.  Improves concentration levels.

Salamba Bhujangasana or The Sphinx Pose

In Sanskrit , Salamba=Supported , Bhujang=Serpent and Asana=Pose. It is a beginner level pose and serves as a warm up.


1. Gently lie flat on a mat on your stomach.

2. Your forearms should be flat on the yoga mat.

3. Slowly place your elbows under your shoulders.

4. Carefully keep the legs together.

5. Gently place the chin on the yoga mat.

6. Peacefully inhale; slowly lift your chest and head off the yoga mat by gently pressing the forearms down into the floor.

7. Your neck should be in line with your spine.

8. Now try to gently pull up the knee caps.

9. Carefully squeeze the thighs and buttocks and be slow in this step.

10. Gently press your pubic bone on the yoga mat.

11. Firmly place your elbows close to the sides.

12. Remember : You can use your arms to lift yourself higher.

13. Carefully drop your back and shoulders down. Be slow in this step.

14. Gently try to press your chest forward.

15. Gently make your chin up and look straight.

16. Maintain relaxed breathing.

17. Stay in this position for few seconds (20 to 30 seconds).

18. Finish this pose by a gentle exhale and slowly lower your head and chest on the yoga mat.


1. Strengthens the spine and vertebral column.

2. Relaxes the body and drives out stress.

3. Improves the Nervous System and Kidney functions.

Balasana or Child’s Pose

In Sanskrit , Bala=Child and Asana=Pose.


1. To perform Balasana, place the Yoga mat in a well-ventilated and open space.

2. Sit comfortably on your knees on the yoga mat , in Vajrasana. Gently , rest your upper body on your thighs.

3. Now keep both the knees of your feet at a short distance from each other and the waist should be perfectly straight.

4. Now gently take a deep breath and tilt your upper body towards the front. Keep both your hands to the back and your palms should be in contact with the body. The head should gently touch the ground in front.

5. When you are fully in this posture , slowly place the chest by pressing towards the thighs. Your chest should be touching both thighs.

6. Slowly pull the tailbone towards the pelvis. Be careful in this step.

7. On completing the step 6 , gently remove the hands from both sides of the body and place it on the ground while extending forward, palms should be placed facing down on the mat.

8. In case of any discomfort ,  keep the forehead relaxed by placing the one palm on top of other palm.

9. Breathing should be normal, this condition is called Balasana.

10. Stay in this position for a minute and keep breathing normally.

11. For finishing this pose , gently bring your palms under the shoulder and slowly raising the upper body and return to the initial position and breathe on your ankles. Be totally relaxed while doing so.


1. Promotes positive feelings in the mind. Relaxes the body.

2. Highly potent in reducing fatigue.

3. Helps relieving back pain.

The above mentioned Yoga poses can be of amazing benefits for those who are busy working hard day and night to make their enterprise reach new heights.

Discussing th above mentioned Yoga Poses For Entrepreneurs To Overcome Stress, it is vital to take care of ourselves in our quest for success as the body is our only vehicle in making that journey. It is hereby advised that individuals with an injury or a medical condition should first consult their doctor before starting these poses. Practicing guided mediation , walking every half an hour and not sitting on a seat for long periods of time can help greatly.



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