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Try These 4 Yoga Poses for Migraine Relief

Yoga Poses for Migraine Cobra Pose

4 Yoga Poses for Migraine

A headache can be the worst nightmare for anyone. The incessant, throbbing pain has not left anyone untouched. Migraine is a subset of this problem and qualifies as a neurological condition exhibiting debilitating headaches often with nausea, speech difficulties, numbness, tingling and aversion to light and sound.

According to the 2018 My Migraine Voice survey , 74% of those surveyed reported spending time in darkness/isolation due to migraine (average: 19 h/month) while 85% reported having a negative feeling about it. This is a telling figure which portrays the agony migraine brings to those who suffer from this.

To cite a promising news on this front , as per a 2014 study published in the International Journal of Yoga , Yoga with conventional care and convention care groups showed significant improvement in clinical variables, but it was better with Yoga therapy and the symptoms gradually reduced by performing yoga.

In the yogic technique, all forward bending poses are accompanied by exhalation and headaches are known to be cured by supplying the brain with oxygen. Pranayama supplies oxygen to the brain and is potent for curing such headaches. In the following analysis, we discuss 4 Yoga Poses for Migraine relief and bring immediate relief to the practitioner.

1. Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose

In Sanskrit , BhujangSnake and AsanaPose. It is also known as the reclining back-bend and is part of the Surya Namaskar and is one of 12 poses of the much acclaimed Surya Namaskar exercise.

Method :

Yoga Poses for Migraine Cobra Pose
Yoga Poses for Migraine Cobra Pose

Lie down gently on your stomach with the forehead resting on the mat.

1.Gently bring your arms to your shoulder level and place the palms on the mat.

2.Slowly Inhale, placing your body weight on your palms and gently raise your trunk and head. In this position , your arms should be bent at your elbows.

3.Now slowly raise your head backwards to resemble cobra with its hood raised , as the serpent does when faced with a threat. At this stage, the only thing you have to remember is that your shoulders should be away from your ears and shoulder blades are firm.

4.Slowly press your hips, feet, and thighs on the floor.

5.Your stomach must be equitably pressed against the floor (be careful with this).

6.Stay in this pose for about 15 to 30 seconds.

7.To gradually end the pose, slowly bring your arms back to the sides; gently bring your head back on the floor (be slow) making it touch the ground.

8.By slowly placing your hands beneath your head, rest the head calmly on one side and gently breathe. This is one of the very common Yoga Poses for Migraine Relief


1.Improve the circulatory system by providing oxygenated blood smoothly through the blood vessels to the heart and every organ of the body.

2.Relieves Migraine headache and cures it permanently after some sessions.

3.Heals all kidney issues.

2. Ustrasana or the Camel Pose

In Sanskrit ,Ustra-Camel and Asana-Pose. This is a highly recommended asana for making the body fit. By regularly practicing it , the body gains strength and flexibility. It is a variant of ardha-ustrasana.


Yoga Poses for Migraine Ustrasana Camel Pose
Yoga Poses for Migraine Ustrasana Camel Pose

1. Slowly get into the Ardha-Ustrasana.

2. Gently stretch your back pelvis and draw the tailbone towards the pubis with your hands (be slow in this step).

3. Gently Inhale and press the shoulder blades to the back of the ribs to lift your heart.

4. Peacefully Arc your back and be calm.

5. Begin to remove your palms from the hips and press them against your heels (doing one at a time so as to keep balance). You can slightly move your thighs backwards while touching the heel and again gently press them back a 90 degrees to floor after joining the hand and heel. If necessary, slowly turn your toes under(if it is not hurting) and raise the heels.

6. Gently turn the arms outward, the elbow creases should face forward(take it slow).

7. Now slowly arch your back (your arms should be straight).

8. Gently drop your head back. You may also keep it at a neutral position. Avoid straining the neck or tightening the throat.

9. Now breathe calm and deep. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

10. To come back, bring your hands back to your front hips and slowly Inhale, lead with your heart, and lift your torso portion by gently pushing your hips down toward the floor. Your head should come up at the last gently. Now rest in Shavasana(Corpse Pose).


1.Stretches chest, abdomen, quadriceps, and hip flexors.

2.Relieves Migraine pain.

3.Reduces anxiety and fatigue.

3. Setu Bandhasana or the Bridge Pose

In Sanskrit , Setu-Bridge , Bandha-Lock and Asana-Pose , this pose relaxes your whole body and stretches it.


Yoga Poses for Migraine Bridge Pose
Yoga Poses for Migraine Bridge Pose

1.Lie down flat on the mat and keep your arms at your sides.

2.Gently lift your hips upwards (as represented in the picture) as far as you can (Do not over-stretch) by slowly pressing your palms.

3.Continue to breathe deeply in this position for some time for at least 20 seconds.

4.Now slowly relax by touching your hips to the ground ( coming back to your starting position).

5.Repeat this process for 3-4 times.


1.Relaxes the whole body.

2. Gives reprieve in Migraine.

3. Calms the brain, reduces stress & anxiety and one of the proven Yoga Poses for Migraine Relief

4. Sarvangasana or The Shoulder Stand

In Sanskrit , Sarva –  Whole , Anga – Parts of body and Asana – Pose.


Yoga Poses for Migraine shoulder Stand Salamba Sarvangasana
Yoga Poses for Migraine shoulder Stand Salamba Sarvangasana

1. Gently lie down flat on the floor , keeping the arms by the side of the body with the palm facing downwards and legs together. Relax yourselves. Doing it for 3-5 minutes is sufficient.

2.Now using the strength of abdominal muscles, slowly raise your legs off the ground until they are 90 degrees to the floor. Keep your knees straight and feet together throughout the whole step.

3.Slowly press your arms against the floor  (for raising the buttocks) and slowly roll your spine away from the floor surface till it gets in vertical position(be extremely careful in this step).

4.Now for supporting your back, gently bend your elbows and place your palms behind the rib-cage (should be slightly away from the spine). Keep your elbows shoulders-width apart.

5.Gently move your chest towards your neck (without causing any strain) so as to pressing it gently against the chin. (Beginners may avoid this step as it puts a lot of stress on the neck muscles).

6.Slowly stretch your legs with toes pointing in the upward direction. This is the final position, stay here for as long as you feel comfortable.


1. Helps calm down the brain, reduce stress.

2.Stimulates the Thyroid gland.

3.Good for digestion.


Consult your doctor before doing these exercises , in case you have a medical condition not permitting you to go about it or nursing an injury. This is NOT recommended for Pregnant ladies. Take full care and practice under the guidance of a certified teacher for best results.

Following the aforementioned tips can bring great relief to those suffering from chronic migraine and want it to go away forever. Doing the above in moderation to some Pranayama can bring effective results in quicker time. Avoid processed meats and sugar and adopt green vegetables as the main diet for reducing and curing the migraine. If you found these Yoga Poses for Migraine Relief useful do share your experiences in the comments section.



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