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Tips to Detox Liver

Tips to Detox Liver
Tips to Detox Liver

Some changes are positive and welcoming for our body. Sebastian Pole puts it ,”You do not see anything when you experience pure consciousness; you become everything.” Even the best of machines need oiling and decluttering to keep them going and so is true for our body. With the course of time , there are toxins that accumulate in our body and need a timely cleansing. Liver , being the largest gland in the body , too needs timely detoxification for it does 500 important functions. In the following discussion , we seek to discover natural ways to detox our liver to keep it healthy.

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Simple Tips to Detox Liver

Green Tea

It is known as the universal detoxifier and is beneficial for our health and more specifically for our liver. According to a 1995 Japanese study , consuming 5 to 10 cups of green tea a day lead to an improvement in blood markers associated with the liver. It also helps in production of a compound Catechin , that helps in cleansing the liver. Have this regularly and you’ll be in good stead.


In addition to being an important spice , turmeric also has umpteenth medicinal benefits and has been used in India since time immemorial. It has an active ingredient called Curcumin and plays an important role in supporting the enzymes that flush out harmful toxins and comprise of antioxidants that repair liver cells. It also aids in detoxing of metal and enhancing bile production. Add this yellow spice to your food and ensure a healthy liver.


It is a superfood that is rich with Sulphur that activates liver enzymes which drive out toxins from the body. It is also high in Selenium, that boosts the natural antioxidant enzyme levels in our livers and can drastically reduce the bad cholesterol levels in our body. Adding this to your regular food can provide a host of health benefits.A must mention while discussing Tips to Detox Liver.

Citrus-rich fruits

Fruits that are rich in citric acid , like orange , lime and grapefruit can give a fillip to liver’s cleansing abilities. They eventually help in flushing out pollutants from the liver. They are also a powerful source of antioxidants and fibre and prevent kidney stones. So have those oranges daily as you’re helping your liver.

Consuming the above foods in moderation besides Kapalbhati , Dhanurasana and Gomukhasana can help detox your livers for good.

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