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Tips To Build Immunity

Tips To Build Immunity by self immune
Tips To Build Immunity by Self immune

Anne Wilson Schaef, psychologist ,had once said ,”Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.” and she’s right. The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has posed some serious questions before humanity and has brought focus on the issue of immunity. Our immune system is the prime defender against disease causing micro-organisms and if one gets past this we are sick. In the following analysis , we discuss some Tips To Build Immunity.

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Ensure Adequate Sleep

As per a study by Dr. Eric J. Olson MD , sleep has a direct correlation with your immunity. During sleep , a special protein called cytokines are released by the immune system which enhances the sleep and its quality. It is also required when you are down with an infection or under stress. A lack of sleep will deter your ability to fight off infections and can also contribute to obesity , diabetes and heart diseases. So get proper rest and never compromise on this. (Read:10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sleep)

Say No To Sugar

While we discuss Tips To Build Immunity To quote a 2017 study by Richard J Johnson , added sugars and refined carbs can immeasurably increase obesity and weight issues. Cutting down on sugar can drastically reduce the risk of inflammations , promote weight loss and reduce the chance of Type 2 Diabetes and a host of heart issues. Convince your sweet tooth and choose healthier alternatives like jaggery or palm sugar.

Exercise Moderately

Undertaking moderate exercises daily and not over-exerting yourself can play a vital role in keeping you fit. According to a 2020 study at the University of Bath published in the journal Exercise Immunology Review , having simple and potent exercises despite the lockdown has proved beneficial for the volunteers. Bicycling , light walking and jogging can be added to daily routine. One of the very basic Tips To Build Immunity.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Staying hydrated can massively boost the immunity by keeping off the viruses and flu. A 2010 study published in the journal Nutrition Reviews has confirmed to this effect the role water plays in maintaining homeostasis and immune response. Drink more water and healthy fluids like fresh fruit juices and avoid dehydration.

Following the aforementioned tips can give a huge impetus for boosting your immunity. Taking a good care of your health has become mandatory and not a casual indulgence. Investing in your health is a sign of real genius.



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