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Components of Immunity Analyzed

Components of Immunity Analyzed

John Lubbock had penned these priceless words, “Health is much more dependent on our habits and nutrition than on medicine.” This is a plain truth that needs genuine acceptance. How often do we remember that health is not a luxury but a necessity to keep us going ? We analyze the important components of immunity in the following discussion to pontificate on the need to charge it up and keep it going.

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Strengthening the Immune System

Needless to say that a healthy lifestyle is the key defense against diseases and infections. How often have you brooded over your daily routine and the link it has to your immune system? Having a chronic stress can lead to clinical insomnia and restlessness. Sleep deprivation has been cited as a slow killer by a 1989 study by H. Moldofsky who saw abnormal killer cells and their effects in such patients. Ensuring quality sleep through benign methods like guided meditations and aroma therapy can prove useful in relief of such symptoms and thereby improving the Immune System.

Correlation between Immune System and Age

With the advancement of age , the immune response also dwindles. As per a detailed study in 2013 published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation , with aging , the B cells and T cells also deplete. They are the soldiers of our immune system and produce antibodies that fight off infections and limit them. Consuming foods like blueberries, broccoli, avocados and kale which provide anti-inflammatory , high vitamin C and anti-oxidants necessary to keep infections at bay. To compliment this , lean proteins , food grains and vital fluids should also be added in the regular diet of elderly.

Role of Diet in Immunity

Diet has an important role in our lives and are key components in maintenance of our immunity. A proper diet is a sine qua non for the benefit of our immune system as per a study of 2019 published in the journal MDPI. Having a balanced diet can do wonders to the immune function of the body like Proteins, Carbs, Vitamins , Minerals and Fats in the right proportion. There are healthier supplements like Kale , Cabbage and Broccoli that can be eaten in moderation.

To conclude the discussion Components of Immunity Analyzed ,we at self Immune taking good care of our immune system is vital. Ayurveda’s wisdom says make your diet right and you’d never need medicines.



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